No Follow and Minus 30 penalty

If your site has links away to either affiliate pages or even affiliate accounting pages be very careful to apply rel=no follow tags.  I have seen it affect many pages recently as they immediately move from number 2 to number 32. 

Essential a link away from a page assumes that you are linking to this page because you are vouching for it’s content.  If you are not voting for the amazing content on the page you are linking to, be sure to install the rel=no follow tag.  This means that … yes, I am linking but I am not voting for this link.

The other issue is that you need to install the no follow so that your page rank doesn’t bleed off to these sites.

 (The affiliate accounting pages I mentioned above are sites that help you calculate affiliate commissions.  These generally go to the accounting site then redirect to the target site.  This is the worst, as you are vouching for a redirect and Google will kill your site for it as you look like a thin affiliate site and remember they like thick non affiliate looking sites.)

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4 responses to “No Follow and Minus 30 penalty

  1. The no follow tag is also good to use when you are hosting several sites that are similar in content to each other on the same server, but want to interlink them. By no following them, the bot will not correlate the two sites.

  2. i think that no follow don’t kill site which you optimalising becouse it was to easy to kill some another bloggers etc.

  3. thats true, it’d be to easy to ban your opponents in that way

  4. and almost forgot; most people think that no follow links help them to keep their PR in good conditition but thats probably also not true

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