Off Site SEO

Hey Gang,

 I am a huge fan of off page SEO or optimization.  Things like this Blog, Feedburner, Flickr, You Tube, MySpace, Facebook etc.  There is an amazing amount of interlinking and blazing fast indexing that can take your site straight out of the sandbox.

 Try this, then thank me by commenting here and giving me some link love.

 Open a blog here call it but make sure that your sitename and or products are represented in the title URL.  So if  your selling baby bottles have it be something like  Then post a story about your product or something interesting, then link a couple times to “interior” pages on your site, not just your home page.  With me so far?  Good…

Now take the pictures that you would normally upload to your blog and go to Flickr and set up a similar account over there.  Upload your pictures and add descriptions like baby bottle from baby 
Then go back to wordpress and go into widgets and ad the Flickr widget.  Hold down your control key and click on it then fill in the info from Flickr.  Guess what?  Now your Flickr images are showing up in the right nav of you wordpress homepage. 🙂

Now go back to widgets and add the RSS option.  Go back to your wordpress homepage and go to the bottom and click your new RSS feed icon and copy the RSS Feed URL.

Go to Feedburner and tell them about your new blog and subscribe your feed to them.

You’re going global baby.

Tomorrow,  see if your new blog is getting traffic in wordpress blog stats and you’ll be amazed that traffic will be coming from Google, Feedburner, WordPress etc.

Then just keep it interesting and rolling.  Oh, one other thing remember the Link Love.

Scott White


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