Scott White is Killerflow

Hey I guess it’s time for some self promotion or at least brand management. I, Scott White have been involved in SEO since I started a Fleet Management business in the early 90’s.

I built data collection software that was adopted by Kelloggs, Boise Cascade, Walmart Subcontractors etc.  We were flying around the country showing our wares as wares were shown at that time.  It became painfully obvious that if we could engage our customers in our products before our initial visit then our sales call became a closing opportunity instead of a “hey look, I don’t have horns growing out of my head meeting”.  The initial meeting turned into a “great, you’ve seen the products how many do you want” sort of meeting as opposed to “Hi, I’m Scott and blah blah blah”, you get the idea.

Our websites became the focus of our intentions to preload a closing opportunity.  So Webex, Power Point and Email replaced Plane Tickets, Rental Cars, and Hotels.

It became paramount to optimize our website to accomplish that goal.  Now remember these were the halcyon days of SEO when could lead droves of customers to your site only because your URL had your product embedded in it.  Some of our medium sized customers began noticing that we were getting pretty good at  “going where the people are or drawing them to us”, that they asked us to SEO their sites as well.

Well, a million algo changes later here we are.  I sold the Fleet Management company and kept the SEO side because it’s alot more fun.  

I  am currently involved heavily in helping my customers adapt to Universal Search and am currently unable to accept consulting projects in the educational field.

Scott White
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  1. so the internet marketing is reliable/?

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