301 Redirects and Page Rank

When rebuilding or changing websites, I often want to  eliminate some pages or change the page names for existing pages.

Examples might be:

New content, bad page names that aren’t specific, algo changes or just a change in the theme concept for the site.  In the past I have had page names like internet_marketing.html that due to current algo concepts I wanted to change to internet-marketing.html.  Maybe you had a poll up at one time that was indexed and people are still landing on the poll and bouncing away.

It’s so easy to forget to go into your .htaccess file and drop in a redirect.

Redirect /olddirectory/oldfile.html http://yoursite.com/newdirectory/newfile.html
Many, Many companies and individuals will roll out a new site redesign only to have their page rank flushed away on the first re-cache of their site. This also has a huge impact if you have inbound links to the old pages.

“Friends don’t let friends forget 301 redirects”

Scott White
Internet Marketing


2 responses to “301 Redirects and Page Rank

  1. i think the seos are doing thr right job . they are making people aware of th e new things and brands ,

  2. all that help is content / and i am sorry that the content is not really impressive .

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