Hide Code From Google?!?


 I read an article yesterday that indicated that the code obfusctaor (above) would be a great addition for any site that has an affiliate realtionship and wants to bypass the “thin site” rules for Google.

The tool will work beautifully for it’s intended purpose……..but…….

I don’t see how it’s white hat for starters and secondly it violates the human/robots visibility rules. (If the robot see’s anything different than what a visitor will see it penalizes the site). 

This stems from flash swap rules and general SEO rule bending.  The most generalized versions of this happen when a web builder lists the same keyword in the background of a site then blends it in with the background color.

Similar, but different ideas here.  If it will work to hide excessive javascript and css in the main site files then it’s a great tool.  It would be just as easy to move to side files and include scripts but thats another article, I was just reaching for a legitimate use… 🙂


Scott White
Internet Marketing
Universal Search


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