Google Organic is Dead

The move to Universal Search sticks a fork in organic search.

 I shall explain:

Up until now good old SEO would give you a fighting chance at ranking on Google’s search result pages and your site could be 1 out of 10 sites listed on that coveted 1st page.

With the introduction of Google Video (YOU TUBE), Google Books, Google Products, Google Scholar into the search result mix. Your chance of showing up on the first page just moved to 1 in 5 or less.

For the non believers, open a new tab right now and do a Google search for “Foo Fighters”

Do you see the changes?  Google News, Google(YOUTUBE), etc………..   Spooky

Anyway, what’s going on is a monetizing of the organic search results.  Normally offlimits to all the search engines this center area is now fair game as Google will sell ads on the youtube search results.  Now I can buy an ad on the foo fighters video that will run a crawl line along while the video is playing.

Mom and Pop web sites will be relegated to the second or third pages.

Two things need to happen, either users will get used to clicking to the second or third pages to start looking. Or, web sites will need to estabilsh themselves in Googles parallel programs.  Get some original video content in YOUTUBE, create an E-Book, Hotlink to your images on Flickr etc.

Think Multimedia………. then find a location on the web thats NOT your website for your multimedia then link to it and it to you.


Scott White
Internet Marketing
Universal Search


3 responses to “Google Organic is Dead

  1. Don’t rule out the mom and pop websites from the first page of google searches. In my industry, the mortgage industry, there is not a lot of video or other ads showing up on the first page. Actually my home-made website is right there for some of the most relevant searches when it comes to findind a mortgage in Minnesota. Maybe this will change in the future, but I don’t think it will for my industry.

  2. i know the google is not working now as it was working initially . we need to uplift it .

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